Company Information

Who We Are

AWA Construction is a Civil Engineering Technology company and has been in existence since 1998. . .

Since the start of the company we continued to gained extensive experience in the designing and building of earth dams, oxidation ponds, land rehabilitation and pollution control across South Africa and is rated as one of the best earth dam constructors in the country. Our biggest passion and expertise lies with the building of earth dams, with all its applications and challenges. Over the past 30 years we have completed over 300 earth dams (rated from category 1-3) and have gained invaluable experience not only in earth dam building, but also the rehabilitation, repairing and upgrading thereof.

It is important for us at AWA Construction to be part of building an integrated South Africa and therefore we are proud to have a level 2 BEE rating. It is because of this belief in the better future of our country that the In-house Skills Training program is such a vital component of the company. This means that our construction teams use people from the communities that we are working in, train them and equip them with skills so that they can be self sufficient in the future.


Our Services

AWA Construction mainly specializes in the construction of earth dams but we also do repairs to existing earth dams, the sealing of leaking earth dams, the upgrading of dams, waste disposal sites, roads and storm water management. We repair leaking dams using Geosynthetic Clay liner, Bentonite, Sealmac bitumen Dam lining and HDPE lining, depending on the cost of the repairs in relation to the short- or long-term benefits. We also specialize in hydrology analyses as per DWA requirements, Basic Soil Classifications, slope stability and slope failures, Spillway designs and the surveying of water volume and dam quantities.

Although earth dam building is our main focus, we also provide additional services which are needed on each case specific site such as clay material, core construction, cut-off trenches, outer zone material, sub-soil drainage, rock-fill, dam de-silting and sludge removal, HDPE lining, GCL lining and other types of lined dams.


Providing the best construction services for every client no matter how big or small.


To be the best construction company in South Africa dedicated to improve this nation one brick at a time.